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Class Updates

999    Wooly Pines Tree   **FULL**
1030   Watercolor 101- Poinsettia **FULL**
1100   Rejoice   **FULL**
1130    Create YOUR Own Portrait in Color Pencil (Bring a Photo) **FULL**
1140       Stroke Roses **No Longer Available**
1230       Christmas Edition   **No Longer Available**
1260       In the Meadow    **FULL**
1270 Seaside Garden **FULL**
1340       Blessings of Autumn   **FULL**
2030      Intro to Oils- Sunflower and Butterfly    **FULL**
2040      Christmas Joy   **FULL**    
2060 Family Collage **FULL**
2130       Russian Santa   **FULL**  
2170 Give Thanks Plaque **FULL**
2190       Sparkle and Shine   **FULL**
3020       Homespun Santa Trivet **FULL** 
3040 Heartfelt Christmas **FULL**
3080       Shades of Grey Hand Saw **FULL**
3150       First Sign of Spring   **No Longer Available**
3200       Pumpkins in the Field **FULL**
3250       Pumpkin Totin Pull Toy **FULL**
3260 Butterfly and Coneflower **FULL
3290       Autumn Harvest   **No Longer Available**
4040       Autumn Ark   **FULL**
4080       The Real Deal   **No Longer Available**
4240       Snow Buddies Cheeseboard **FULL**
4250       Mixed-Media Potpourri   **No Longer Available**
5040       Enchanted   **No Longer Available**
5120 Roses In A Vase **FULL**

5140       Buoys   **No Longer Available**